Joakim Noah belongs in MVP talks

If you do not like Joakim Noah, you are either a Heat fan, or you have simply not watched him. He does everything on a game to game basis that makes basketball so great. Those same things he does on a game to game basis are the things that should put him on the MVPContinue Reading

Armchair GM – Jazz trade suggestion

The NBA trade deadline has almost come & gone. Hundreds of wannabe GM’s have thrown their trade suggestions onto the internet, so why should I be any different? Jazz trade Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, Brandon Rush & GS’s 2014 first round pick Minnesota trades Kevin Love along with Robbie Hummel &/or AJ Price The JazzContinue Reading

Jazz destroy Detroit in Burke’s homecoming

This was one of the best games the Jazz have played all year long, if not the best. The ball movement was crisp again, and the Jazz are running more offensive sets, which is a really good thing. The story of the game is probably Trey Burke making his homecoming to Michigan. I am notContinue Reading

Alec Burks leads the victory with a career high.

This was possibly the best the Jazz have looked offensively all year. The offense was crisp with amazing ball movement. There was very little dribbling while staying in place. The biggest difference today I thought offensively was more screening. The Jazz were setting great screens all game long, but especially down low. One of theContinue Reading

Jazz Remind Us What Tanking Looks Like

For me tonight’s game against the Cavs was really two distinct experiences separated by a halftime. In the first half the Jazz looked very similar to what they have looked like for the last several weeks.  Nice ball movement, great penetrate and kick and pick-and-roll action, passable D.  That is all the more impressive becauseContinue Reading

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